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Guaranteed fresh ingredients

We are delivering a holistic nutritional profile and exciting flavours.

Using special and hygienic spices

We use versatile material, which resist and prevents bacteria

More fun, snacking with family or friends

More fun, snacking with family, friends and collegues

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You can buy Candies in Pakistan at anytime from the nearest shop or by contacting on our email or phone.

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They have already tasted it, when have you been?

Sheikh Haris

Regal Food industry is one the finest and growing industry in food field. "Lazer " candy is one it's brand .

Sheikh Qasim

They manfacture sweets toffies for childern with complete cleaniness and Food Authority SOP. It was good to visit there staff was cooperative

Sheikh Asif

They manufacture Great Candies for children. Best Candies in Pakistan

Regal Foods | Best Candies in Pakistan

Regal Food Industries with two factories and a large number of distribution setups, provide consumers in Pakistan with products of quality and standard and is committed to long term sustainable growth and consumer satisfaction. The company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and expect the same in its relationship. This has earned its trust and respect of every stratum of society.
Regal is the pioneer in confectionery industry by introducing vitamin center filled Candies in Pakistan. This proves that we care about your health. These candies provide you vitamins along with congenial taste. With every sunrise we strive to provide the best and delicious quality products. We just need your trust on our products. We want to leave an everlasting taste of candies on your sweet childhood memories.
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